Covering Up Scars With Makeup | Any Types Of Scars

Covering up scars with makeup guideline. Scars can be a nuisance. Even though they fade over time, the only thing you can do is learn how to cover them. In addition, while scars occur in many forms and sizes, there isn't a scar concealer that fits all. As a result, you'll need to adjust your concealment depending on whether your scars are flat, red, dark or raised.

Covering up keloid scar with makeup

Choose the right concealer

covering up scars with makeup

Makeup to cover keloids requires the correct concealer for your skin type. Here are some ideas:

  • Right concealer

Green-tinted concealers should be used first in order to neutralize red keloid scars. As a result, the skin will be smoother, and the makeup will be more effective. After applying them to your skin, the light color will be changed to one that suits your skin tone. There is a term for these concealers, which is "red suppressors".

You should also use concealers that are purple if you have a yellow keloid scar.

  • Concealer powder

covering up scars with concealer powder

If you're not a fan of cream, you can instead use powders instead. Concealer powders for keloid scars are known to cause itching in some people. In spite of its weight, the powders adhere quite well and are green in color, so you can also get rid of red scars.

  •  Best makeup suitable for skin type and skin color

Choose treatments or cosmetics that are acceptable for your skin type and tone while applying makeup to hide keloids There are a variety of creams with different textures for different skin types: dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin... You should also test the color on your jawbone in natural light to see if it matches your skin color.

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Covering up atrophic acne scars with makeup

cover up scars with makeup

Prepare suitable concealers

  • ​​Compressed cream

They have a high consistency and enough stickiness to stay on the skin, while yet being soft enough to spread easily.

All of the creams that come in a compressed form are anti-drift, waterproof, and have a large coverage.

Simply soak a cotton pad in the cream, dab it softly on the area with concave scars, and spread it out evenly with your fingertip.

  • Concealer pen 

covering up scars with concealer pen

It's impossible to neglect concealer pen in your quest for makeup solutions to cover atrophic scars. As a result of their light texture, excellent oil control, and drying consistency, these products can give you a natural, soft, smooth veil over blemishes that lasts throughout the day.

A unique pen-shaped design makes it easier to manipulate and treat scars and imperfections on the face. 

Using the pen's tip, gently dab at the face's blemishes, and then cover them with powder to make them appear less noticeable and smoother.

  •  Liquid concealer

Atrophic scars can be concealed with makeup.

They are delicate, light, and silky. Applying this to the skin improves adherence and prevents unpleasant rough areas, making it ideal for a variety of makeup looks.

Covering up scars with makeup step by step 

Step 1: First, thoroughly wash your face, then gently wipe it dry with a cotton pad. Use moisturizer to keep skin supple and elastic.

Step 2: Wait 2-3 minutes after applying makeup in the morning for the cream to absorb evenly, and then apply extra sunscreen with the proper index for your skin.

Step 3: Using a primer will keep your makeup looking smoother and longer lasting.

Step 4: Utilize a good concealer and apply it evenly to the skin with imperfections.

Step 5: Utilize a powder to apply and spread evenly across your nasal bridge, eyes, forehead and cheekbones.

Step 6: For the eyes, you'll need eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and a lash clip.

Step 7: Put on some blush on your cheeks and finish it off with some powder for smooth, beautiful skin!

You should now have a better understanding of how to effectively conceal scars with makeup. I wish you the best of luck with your application!

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