How Much Is A Cover Up Tattoo? Is It Worth To Cover Up?

How much is a cover up tattoo if you don't like your existing tattoo? Tattoo cover-up is a popular way for young people to conceal tattoos. Many people will get a new tattoo after covering the old one, which is surprisingly beautiful. However, in addition to the gleaming new tattoos, they must endure this method as well.

how much is a cover up tattoo

How much is a cover up tattoo ? A quick answer

The prices depend on each tattooist (skill and experience) and the size of your tattoo. It could range from $50-$125 per hour. If it is a small tattoo price is around $45-$75. Other artists may charge a day rate of approximately $500 to $2,500 per day on average. 

What is a cover-up tattoo

This method is mostly used in tattoo parlors. Because it is a popular tattoo removal method, it is only used to cover up the old ink colors. Tattoo parlors typically offer tattoo removal services.

Simply apply a small amount of skin-colored tattoo ink or a gentle pastel pink. By tattooing a new tattoo on top of your old tattoo, you will be able to conceal it quickly and easily. This is similar to permanent tattoo makeup.

Many tattoo artists use other tattoo ink colors that are magically transformed to cover it up, in addition to skin-colored tattoo ink or pastel pink. When old tattoos are transformed into new tattoos, they become much more beautiful.

Is a tattoo cover-up a good way ? How much is a cover up tattoo?

Because of its speed and convenience, many young people chose this option.

Cost is the second deciding factor. How much is a cover up tattoo? The cost of this process ranges from $50 to $300, depending on the size of the tattoo you want to get done.

Many young people hide up tattoos because of the above reasons. You may easily find threads on forums or social networking sites that discuss where to acquire an excellent and economical tattoo cover up. There are even others that tattoo a few layers on their flesh as a way to express themselves.

Cover-up tattoos and the consequences even “how much is a cover up tattoo”

Tattoo ink should match your skin tone while getting a cover-up. However, not all tattooists have the necessary talent and technical knowledge to do the job. One or more of the following difficulties may arise:

cover tattoo cost

- The phenomenon of tattoo ink splashing. This is very easy to happen because the tattoo ink is not mixed according to the skin color standard. When overlaid on an old tattoo, it will create an ugly ink color. There will be dark and light spots and even the old dark tattoo can't be hidden.

- This is just a temporary form of cover-up tattoo that cannot be maintained in the long term. New tattoo ink will soon fade and reveal layers of old ink underneath. 

- The skin containing the tattoo will be damaged if you tattoo it over and over again. Skin that has been tattooed means that it has been damaged once. That's why when you get a tattoo -up, you will have to suffer damage for the second time - thinner skin, easy to catch the sun, easy to get some skin diseases even infections

Other methods to cover up tattoo

  • Temporarily hide the tattoo with: 

  •  Makeup - Cream
     Tattoo Concealing Tape 


    Many factors influence how much a cover up tattoo costs; it must be considered based on the method used to conceal them. I hope the information above is useful to you.

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