How To Cover Tattoos For Work | Step By Step Guide (10+ Solutions)

How to cover tattoo for work? It's easy to conceal up tattoos at a nice professional office if you follow our simple tips. Comment, like, and share this post if you enjoy it.

how to cover up tattoo for work

How To Cover Tattoos For Work - Best Ways Ever

  1. Tattoo Concealer Cream

If your workplace prohibits employees from having visible tattoos, this is an effective and simple way to cover them.

how to cover tattoo for work

Tattoo concealers are almost always available at cosmetic stores and tattoo parlors. As a result, you can quickly purchase a small jar of ice cream to use.

How to cover tattoos for work with concealer

  • Step 1: Apply a thin layer of tattoo concealer on the tattoo area (Note that you only need a thin layer of cream to completely cover the tattoo.)
  • Step 2: Use cotton, makeup brush to spread the cream around the tattoo. Evenly spread to avoid clumping, uneven color, causing an unnatural feeling.
  • Step 3: Use cotton and makeup remover to remove the cream.

Cons when using tattoo concealer cream

  • Many cheap tattoo cover creams of unknown origin, not safe can lead to skin irritations and severe allergies

  • Wasting time to be able to cover the tattoo perfectly (preparation time is proportional to the size of the tattoo).

  • Besides, you also have to spend time to be able to remove tattoo concealer, as well as prepare makeup removal stuff.
  1. Makeup to cover tattoos for work

Prepare the following items: red (or orange) lipstick, foundation, a small brush, powder, a sponge, and concealer.

how to cover tattoo for work with makeup

How to cover tattoos for work with makeup

Step 1: Clean the tattoo area and then dry it with a towel.

Step 2: Use a red (or orange) matte lipstick to apply a thin layer on the tattoo that you need to cover. Apply lipstick evenly to cover the tattoo.

Step 3: Using liquid foundation, the same color as your skin, apply a few layers on top of the tattoo. Then, apply foundation powder on the tattoo area, creating adhesion for the cream. Note that you should use a sponge to spread the cream evenly, to avoid clumping or thick spots.

Step 4: Use a combination of liquid concealer and foundation to create foundation and stickiness for the cream. Next, use a brush combined with a stick concealer to apply evenly to the tattoo area

Cons of using makeup covering tattoo

  • Need to have a lot of makeup pieces of stuff available at home
  • Time-wasting
  • Expensive products to be able to waterproof
  • Short time using
  1. Tattoo Concealing Tape (breathable, ultra-thin, and waterproof tape) 

Many people today use temporary tattoo cover up tape because it is convenient, easy to use, and quick.

How to cover tattoos for work with tattoo concealing tape 

  • Wipe the area you want to apply a seal to remove any dirt and dry thoroughly 
  • Peel the transparent film away from the white layer 
  • Apply the seal to the desired area 
  • Firmly press down on the center of the seal 
  • As though you were rubbing it in, press down starting in the center and working outwards, carefully peel away the transparent film from the edge


  • Waterproof, breathable for skin without sensitive 
  • Do not stain clothes 
  • Save time, just a few seconds you can stick it into your flesh 
  • Flexible to use for any area on your body: Hand, neck, arm, finger…


  • The color of the patch may not match your skin color
  • The untrustworthy shop might offer a sticker without covering your tattoo like invisible (still see the tattoo under the tape) 

In these cases, we strongly advise you to try Japan Tattoo Concealing Tape, which is waterproof, flesh-colored, does not irritate your skin, and is of high quality.

Other Ways For “How To Cover Tattoos For Work”

It is not necessary to use sophisticated makeup methods, you can still hide your tattoos with very simple tips such as dressing or changing a little hairstyle.

  1. Change hairstyle to cover tattoos for work 

If your tattoo is on your nape, ear, or neck, you can change your hairstyle to hide the tattoo. A long, flowing hair that can be left behind will hide a tattoo that makes it difficult to detect.

  1. Use clothing to cover tattoos for work 

If you have a tattoo on your arm, you should choose long-sleeved dresses or if you have a tattoo on your thigh or leg, instead of a skirt, choose jeans which will be safer for you.

  1. Skin Arm Tattoo Cover Up Long Sleeves

If your job needs you to keep your tattoo hidden. This brown long sleeve can be worn all day. It's suitable for both men and women, and it's easy to wear.

covering tattoo for work

For a tattoo fan, removing their favorite tattoo is not a good idea. Fortunately, there are a number of straightforward and simple ways to temporarily hide it. Before making a purchase decision, spend ample time researching each product. Here at, you'll discover everything you need to cover up a tattoo swiftly and easily

  1. Use bracelet to cover up tattoo for work

If you have a tattoo right on your wrist, this way is also considerable, it looks rather stylish especially for women. 

how to cover up tattoo for work with bracelet

  1. Neck tattoo cover-up for work

If you have a tattoo right on your wrist, this way is also considerable, it looks rather stylish especially for women.

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